Dutch Magazine BoekieBoekie

Short stories, poems and non-fiction articles Judy wrote for Dutch magazine BoekieBoekie, an art and literary magazine for children aged 8-13.

2009, #75: “Hoe Jan Doedel van zijn eetprobleem afkwam”
(How John Doodle Got Rid of His Eating Problem)

Comical children’s poem about a child who hates vegetables.

2007, #69: “Straatzintuigen” (Street Senses)
Non-fiction article for children about how to write street poetry using the five senses.

2007, #69: “Vier” (Four to Celebrate)
Children’s poem about the festivities of the four seasons.

2007, #67: “Lomo de Plomo” (Lomo of Plomo)
Short children’s story about a boy who dreams about life on another planet.

2007, #66: “Het logboek van kapitein Kortjas”
(The Logbook of Captain CourtJazz)
Short children’s story about a sick captain who gets saved by chocolate during the Spanish colonization of the Americas.

2007, #65: “Hoe Pietje Pee zijn billen verloor” (How Pepe P. Lost His Buns)
Comical children’s poem about a boy who loses his butt to a circus tiger.

“How Pepe P. Lost His Buns” | Illustration: Sebastiaan Van Doninck (click to enlarge)

2006, #64: “Magische dierendansen” (Magical Animal Dances)
Fun non-fiction article for kids about how to harness the power of animals through movement and sound.

2006, #63: “Watatjes” (Fries-a-Whatta)
Short children’s story about a king who suffers from severe Food Dislikia, and gets cured by a dish of crispy fries.

2005, #61: “Groot, groter, groots” (Grand, Grander, Grandest)
Short children’s story about two lonely circus freaks – one extremely short, the other extremely tall – who strike up a heartwarming friendship.

2005, #60: “Hans, mijn egel” (Hans, My Hedgehog)
Short children’s story about an enchanted beast, based on an old German fairy tale.