Other Dutch Magazines

Poetry and non-fiction published in several Dutch literary, poetry and other magazines.

2015: “Wilgendroom” (Willow’s Dream), published in Schoon Schip #2
Poem about dream and reality feverishly intermingling during an ordinary train commute.

2007: “Straatzintuigen” (Street Senses), published in Leesgoed #6
Non-fiction article for children about how to write street poetry using the five senses.

“Street Senses” | Illustrations: Willeke de Boer (click to enlarge)

2004: “Schatkist” (Treasury), published in Krakatau #26
Poem about a deceptive childhood memory of finding a treasure in the garden.

2004: “Draaimolen” (Chair-O-Planes), published in Krakatau #26
Poem about a ride on a Chair-O-Planes seen through the eyes of a child.

2002: “King Josh,” published in Dutch ELLE #November 2002
Love poem about a mythical dream unfolding itself in reality.
Winner of the ELLE Poetry Award 2002.
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